A place to unwind.  In treating you, Judith’s intention is to create a holistic space within which the body and soul can relax and start to self-heal.



With over 30 years’ experience, Judith combines her expertise and knowledge from around the world, giving a committed and caring approach to all her clients in a relaxing environment within which the body can restore itself.

Judith’s journey to discovery of various forms of body work started in Perth, where she had initially trained in beauty therapy. During the America’s Cup  of 1986, she used sports massage on many of the competitors, and their families and friends. This led to an interest in kinesiology, and reflexology using acupressure points as she looked for ways to take massage a step further to stabilise and strengthen weak muscles. With a high number of pregnant clients, a desire to learn about alternative treatments took Judith to England where she studied and practised colour therapy and aromatherapy, in addition to the modalities she was already using. Back in New Zealand Judith discovered and trained in Bowen therapy.

With refresher courses, maintaining accreditation, and a desire to learn about new developments in her fields of treatment, Judith’s passion and interest in helping people continues to grow.

Each person has their own ‘story’ and Judith states it is a privilege to listen to how that has impacted their well-being. Then, using her expertise and knowledge, she can select the right treatment to help re-balance and restore that person’s inner peace and harmony – where their body and soul can relax and rebuild.

Judith has created a holistic and healing environment, and her clients experience improved well-being as a result of their treatments.



    • Workplace First Aid Certificate (current)
    • Diploma Bowen Therapy 2003 (NZ)
    • Diploma Aromatherapy 1993 (England)
    • Diploma Therapeutic/Sports Massage 1987 (Australia)
    • Certificate Reflexology 1989 (Australia)
    • Diploma Beauty Therapy 1986 (Australia)
    •  Member of New Zealand Bowen Therapy Inc
    • Member of The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia