Waikato Natural Therapies incorporates Bowen Therapy, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage to offer relief from pain and tension, rehabilitation after injury, and assists with rebalancing the body.


All treatments are safe, non-invasive, and promote general wellness and vitality. Clients are assured of complete confidentiality and professional health treatments, in a private, peaceful and relaxed setting in central Cambridge. If you can’t come to the clinic a mobile service is available for Bowen and reflexology. How can I help you? Here at Waikato Natural Therapies my aim is to help you achieve optimum personal well-being, health and vitality.




For one client suffering from back pain, the Bowen treatment she was given was a revelation. She says, “ I am not quite sure what has happened to me – once the pain was gone it was hard to remember it precisely – all I know is that I feel so much better.’

– Nicole

Judith was presented with a client who, in previous pregnancy had to have a caesarean. With this pregnancy the baby was also in a posterior position. After one Bowen treatment, at around 39 weeks, this client went into labour spontaneously with the baby in an optimal position.

– Midwife